Current Students

Accelerated Program: Thrive in Five

Highly qualified undergraduates in the Poultry Science Department at Mississippi State University are encouraged to consider applying to the Accelerated Program. This program permits students to earn up to 9 hours of graduate-level coursework during their final year of undergraduate studies. Students take graduate-level courses and earn both undergraduate credit and graduate credit simultaneously. Students must consult with a potential major professor (graduate advisor) to ensure graduate credit could be applied to a program of study for the graduate degree. Application to this program may be made as early as the end of the junior year (i.e., after completion of 90 or more hours of graded undergraduate courses). Students interested in applying to the Accelerated Program should contact the Department's Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Kelley Wamsley, for more details. To find out more about the Accelerated Program visit To get started, complete the Undergraduate Enrollment in Accelerated Program Form.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide an excellent opportunity to network with professionals and peers. There are numerous organizations that are available through the Department and the University.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Students may apply for university, college and departmental scholarships through one application. You can find the scholarship application once you logon to myState. Under the banner tab, select Financial Aid and Scholarships. The application is listed as Submit/Revise General Scholarship Application (16/17).

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