Pratima Acharya Adhikari

Pratima Acharya Adhikari

Associate Professor

Website: Adhikari Lab

Mailing Address:
325 Wise Center Drive
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Ph.D., The University of Georgia
M.S., University of Manitoba
B.S./D.V.M., Tribhuvan University

Courses Taught:
  • PO 4313/6313 Management of Commercial Layers
  • PO 3011/3021/4031/4041 Undergraduate Seminar in Poultry Science
  • PO 8443 Advanced Poultry Nutrition (Graduate Level)
  • PO 4413/6413 Poultry Nutrition (Co-Instructor)
  • PO 4844/6844 Avian Anatomy and Physiology (Co-Instructor)

  • Utilizing several feed additives, including enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics in the performance and gut integrity of laying hens
  • Dietary interventions against Salmonella Enteritidis in laying hens and pullets
  • Investigating new hen housing systems in welfare and production of layers, especially cage-free operations
  • Molecular approach to determining the host-pathogen relations in E. coli and Salmonella challenged birds

  • Working directly with the Mississippi and surrounding poultry industry to help improve the laying hen production and sustainability through nutrition and health management
  • Attend and participate in workshops and industry meetings, as well as national and international scientific poultry meetings
  • Publish research in peer-reviewed journals, as well as newsletters and popular press journals

Graduate Students


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